greenshirt murphySPRINGFIELD – Mobile home residents will now have access to more information about projected rent increases when going into a rental agreement, thanks to a measure introduced by State Senator Laura Murphy (D--Des Plaines) that was signed into law Friday.

“Tenants deserve to know about future changes to their rental agreements when they sign a new lease,” Murphy said. “This law will give them more insight into rental projections so that they can make informed decisions that impact their financial future.”

The law aids mobile home park residents by ensuring they are shown rent increase projections to their lots before signing their lease. This allows them to decide if they can invest in a lot with the fluctuating rent prices. Additionally, the law clarifies language for tenants and first time buyers of mobile homes to help people living in mobile home parks better understand the terms of their financial agreements.

The law also removes fees for owning a pet in a mobile home. All of these measures aim to assist mobile home park residents with selecting the most financially viable rental agreement for them, and removing unnecessary fees that may have deterred potential tenants from choosing to live in a mobile home park.

“Pet fees are sadly a financial deterrent for working class families deciding on where they can afford to live,” Murphy said. “I am proud that this law not only eliminates pet fees, but also works to make sure that families can enter rental agreements that work for their financial situations, allowing them to rest easier without having to worry about unexpected price increases and instead, enjoy their home.”

SB 1097 was signed into law Friday, May 6. It is effective immediately.