032224KP9492SPRINGFIELD – Under a new measure from State Senator Laura Murphy, residents of mobile home parks could see improved transparency and protections.

“Access to information about tenants’ rights is crucial for promoting stability and preventing exploitation,” said Murphy (D-Des Plaines). “Empowering residents allows them to make informed decisions and advocate for themselves and their rights effectively.”

Under current state law, mobile home park owners are required to obtain a license to operate. If a park owner fails to maintain their license, the tenants are not required to pay rent. Murphy’s measure would ensure no tenant could be evicted for failing to pay rent to an unlicensed mobile home park. A mobile home owner would retain the ability to evict a tenant for failure to comply with park rules, nonpayment of actual rent due, and failure to comply with local ordinances and state laws regulating mobile homes.

Murphy’s measure would also require mobile home park owners to give notice to tenants that parks must be licensed to operate, and if they are not licensed, the owner cannot collect rent. Lease agreements would be required to have this disclaimer included in a clear and conspicuous manner.

“Maintaining up-to-date licenses is paramount for mobile home park owners as it promotes the safety and well-being of residents,” Murphy said. “The transparency provided by this measure will afford greater protection and clarity.”

Senate Bill 2834 passed the Senate Wednesday. It now goes to the House for further consideration.