votedSPRINGFIELD- State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) voted to create an automatic voter registration in Illinois last week. Senate Bill 1933, which Murphy co-sponsored, passed the Illinois Senate unopposed.

The legislation would allow Illinois citizens to automatically register to vote when they choose to renew their driver’s license or state ID. They can still opt out of registering to vote if they wish.

“Encouraging more people to get involved in the democratic process will only be beneficial to our state,” Murphy said. “The measures included in the legislation to save taxpayer money and prevent election fraud are additional benefits.”

Other states that have enacted similar proposals have seen the cost of processing an application to vote from 83 cents to 3 cents.

Penalties for submitting false voter registration data and increasing the number of cross-checks to the State Board of Elections must annually conduct between the statewide voter database and the National Change of Address Database were also included in the legislation.

It will now head to the Illinois House for consideration.