Senator Murphy speaks on the Senate floorSPRINGFIELD- It’s no secret that Illinois property taxpayers have been paying more than their share of costs of school funding for years. While other states pay their fair share of funding, Illinois ranks near the bottom in the amount the state contributes, putting the burden of funding education on local taxpayers.  

State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) voted in support of legislation that will begin to shift the burden of paying for schools off of property taxpayers and back onto the state.

“I voted in support of this legislation that will begin to shift the burden of paying for schools away from property taxpayers and make the state pay its fair share,” Murphy said. “Our antiquated school funding formula has resulted in sky-high property taxes for suburban families. This legislation is a step toward lessening the burden of funding schools and putting it back on the state where it belongs.”

In the school funding formula, none of the schools in the 28th District will lose any funding. The legislation contains a hold harmless provision that would prevent school districts from receiving less funding in the future.
“Pitting school districts against each other by forcing cuts on one to try to benefit another is unfair to our students,” Murphy said. “The hold harmless provision in this proposal prevents cuts from being forced on our schools to provide stability for teachers and students alike. Furthermore, it will provide long-term property tax relief.”
The legislation, Senate Bill 1, has passed both chambers of the Illinois legislature and I encourage the governor to sign this bill.