05302018KS0496 rDES PLAINES – To help make roads safer, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) advanced legislation last week that would require the Illinois Department of Transportation to look further into fatal car accidents that involve a pedestrian.

Murphy’s measure would require IDOT to conduct a traffic study after any fatal accident involving a pedestrian and release the results of that study to their website. This is the first step and starts the process to make changes to improve the safety of all people.

“It’s important that we are constantly looking at ways to improve safety in our communities,” Murphy said. “Road safety is important, but sometimes people forget about pedestrians and their safety. We need to become more pedestrian friendly and find solutions to why these accidents continue to occur.”

Senate Bill 1200 passed through the Senate unanimously last Thursday and now moves to the House for consideration.

childSPRINGFIELD – Students would be allowed to self-administer prescribed medication while at school under legislation sponsored by Des Plaines Democrat State Senator Laura Murphy that passed the Senate today.

Murphy’s measure would require schools to allow students with an action plan to self-administer prescribed medication with permission from their parent or guardian.

 “Allowing children to self-administer their medicine while at school allows them to focus on their school work and gives parents the reassurance that their child has their medication if a problem arises while they aren’t at home,” Murphy said. “No parent wants to worry that their child might not be safe at school simply because they don’t have access to their medication.”

 Senate Bill 1250 passed in the Senate and now moves to the House for consideration.

murphy tollwayDES PLAINES State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) released the following statement regarding the governor’s announcement of the new board directors for the Illinois Toll Highway Authority Board.

For months, Murphy has been vocal about the disturbing practices of the prior board and was part of a unanimous vote, from the Illinois State Senate for a measure to eliminated the current board, allowing the governor to re-fill those vacancies

“It’s time for the tollway to start anew” Murphy said. “With new directors and Gov. Pritzker’s leadership, I hope to see more transparency and accountability from the board. I am looking forward to a board who embraces these ideals and restores the public trust in the Tollway Authority. I am excited to see what this new chapter has in store.”

Murphy: We are a family; when someone is in need, we step up to help them

04052017CM0467rDES PLAINES – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is looking for answers and a long-term solution to what happened at the local mobile home park near Elk Grove.

During the polar vortex, pipes froze and burst, leaving some residents of the mobile home park without clean water for almost two weeks now.

“There is no reason that it should be taking this long to ensure that the residents have clean water,” Murphy said. “These residents need clean water to bathe, care for their pets and do daily household chores like laundry or washing dishes.”

State Representative Marty Moylan, Cook County Commissioner Kevin Morrison and State Senator Laura Murphy’s offices took action immediately when they received news about this water crisis.

The Illinois Beverage Associations and Great Lakes Coca-Cola company donated 240 cases of water to the mobile home park last week, which was delivered by administrators from Elk Grove High School. Zeman Homes also provided water for residents to pick up at their on-site management office.

“I want to applaud everyone involved who worked tirelessly to provide clean water to the residents,” Murphy said. “Seeing everyone come together, including the residents who took action when it was needed the most, is the reason why I love representing our district. We are a family and when someone is in need, we step up to help them.”

There is currently action being taken to repair the busted water pipes, but some residents are still without clean water.

Murphy wants to take the necessary steps to fix this problem and to ensure that this does not happen again. Her and her staff plan on meeting with residents of the park and working with the Manufactured Home Owners Association of Illinois to discuss legislation and the need for reform.

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