02272018CM0764DES PLAINES — State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME:

“Throughout our history, unions have fought for the rights of all workers. They have negotiated better salaries and workplace protections, helped establish the minimum wage and set limits on the number of working hours each day. Their efforts created a path for the middle class to prosper.

Today the Supreme Court decided that non-public union members who benefit from organized labor’s bargaining power should not have to contribute to the cost of providing those benefits. This decision will chip away at collective bargaining rights for public sector employees including teachers, firefighters and state workers.

Though the Supreme Court sided with corporate interests, I will continue to fight for workers’ rights.”


05092018KS4570 rSPRINGFIELD — State Senator Laura Murphy, a Des Plaines Democrat, today supported a bipartisan balanced budget plan that supports local communities and prevents a backdoor property tax increase.

“It was imperative to me that we did not shift massive pension costs onto local school districts and create a backdoor property tax increase as the governor proposed,” Murphy said.

“Shifting pension costs onto school districts would have undermined the new evidence-based school funding formula and forced many local communities to raise taxes. That was not something I could stand for.”

The governor’s proposed budget sought to push nearly $500 million in normal pension costs onto school districts this year.

The plan also includes $25 million for a new pilot grant program for Illinois undergraduate middle class students who choose to pursue higher education in the state. Through the AIM HIGH grant, the state would provide matching funding to public universities that award scholarships to Illinois students for both merit and financial need.

“Illinois has a serious problem with students leaving the state once they finish high school to pursue their college education elsewhere,” Murphy said.

“Many of them never return, representing an enormous brain drain with significant financial implications. I hope this new program will encourage more students to attend college in state.”

In addition to the AIM HIGH program, the budget includes nearly $60 million in additional funding to support Illinois colleges and universities over last year’s funding level.

The budget package now moves to the House for consideration.

Senator Murphy presents legislation on the Senate floorState Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) advanced a measure to help cancer patients have children – a prospect that can diminish greatly for some patients once treatment begins.

“Cancer patients deserve a chance to have children,” Murphy said. “For some men and women, fertility preservation prior to radiation or surgery is their only way to have biological children.”

House Bill 2617 requires insurers to cover standard fertility preservation services when a necessary medical procedure, such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, could cause infertility.

The Affordable Care Act provides infertility coverage but does not include fertility preservation services. Additionally, employers with 25 or more full-time employees who provide pregnancy-related benefits are required to provide coverage for infertility treatment, though some restrictions apply.

This measure attempts to address a patient’s desire to have children before they undergo a medical procedure that could render them infertile.

“I can only imagine the pain that newly diagnosed patients experience when they find out the procedure that could save their life may also prevent them from bringing a new life into the world,” Murphy said.

“Paying for fertility preservation out of pocket is burdensome and simply not possible for many patients. This legislation would remove that barrier.”

05012018CM0257 r A measure sponsored by State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) to support local products made in Illinois advanced out of the Senate today.

“Illinois businesses have produced many incredible products that should be promoted,” Murphy said. “We need to make sure Illinoisans know about the services and products available to them right in their backyards.”

House Bill 1023 extends the sunset of the Support Your Neighbor Commission within the Department of Central management until Jan. 31, 2019. This commission works to increase the sale of Illinois and American-made products.

The commission is composed of representatives from labor organizations, business groups and affected industries. It has 12 members and is housed within Central Management Services. Commissioners would do work pro bono.

House Bill 1023 now moves to the governor’s desk.

“I hope the governor will quickly sign this legislation so that the commission can get to work on promoting Illinois-made products,” Murphy said.

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